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Help Me Finish These ATCs, Please! February 15, 2008

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lottery seriesself-portrait series

Our first project for February for the Artist Circle Yahoo group was to make 3 part ATCs – a background, a focal image, and an embellishment.

Initially, I found this project tremendously inspiring, but I’m afraid I’ve gotten in trouble by interpreting the instructions too literally. Below are my ATCs all with only 2 parts – I’m stumped on how to complete them. I’d love any ideas you can give me.

Part of my problem is being new to the whole art scene. My stash of images and embellishments is not terribly large. Most of my images are cut out from magazines, catalogs and junk mail.

I don’t even know where to begin as far as embellishments go. Most of my work thus far has been fairly flat rather than 3-D. I realize I could use another image as my embellishment, but I’d really like to break out of my box and do something really cool here.

I’m open to buying new products if I get specific recommendations for something that will give great results. I really just want to get these done so they aren’t weighing on my mind any longer. I’m really excited about our next project but feel I can’t move on until I’m finished with these.

A description of the process first, for those of you who like that sort of thing (I do, so I’m guessing someone else does too.)

First I cut some ATC blanks from cardstock and some scrap cardboard I had lying around.

Then I picked some backgrounds – some graph paper, some text painted with orange acrylic, a baby wipe I’d used to clean off paintbrushes, crumpled tissue paper, and a lottery ticket.

Then I started looking through my stash of collected images for focal images. I found a few great images that were the right size. However, when I tried them out against the various backgrounds, I kept coming back to the fact that most of them looked best against the lottery ticket. I couldn’t decide which image looked the best. But I’d found more lottery tickets amid my search, and decided I could do a lottery ticket series.

This series I feel good about – and I have some ideas as to how to complete them, but I’d like to hear others’ thoughts too.

So far so good, but I still had those other backgrounds that I did want to use.

One of the suggestions given in our instructions was to maybe use the same focal image in multiple ATCs. This seemed like it would work well, because then I’d have 2 series, one with the same focal image on multiple backgrounds, and one with different images on the same background.

This is where I ran into most of my trouble. (Because I’m not a patient kind of person.) The only image I had on hand that I had multiples of was a picture of me (dressed up for a party; I’m not usually nearly this fancy) that I’d used in another project. This was the right size, and I thought it could work.

Unfortunately, once I glued it down to the various backgrounds, I realized I was at a complete loss as to how to finish these. Part of the problem is being limited to only using one embellishment – I feel like I can’t tell any kind of story with just the image I have.

selfportrait 1selfportrait 2selfportrait 3selfportrait 4

I’m probably thinking too narrowly, and limiting my options. I’m also too close to these, having obsessed about them for over a week now. Hence this post.

So please, any ideas for how you would progress on these ATCs. I’d really love a variety of opinions, because I get so inspired when I see different artists’ takes on the same concept.


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