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Help Me Finish These ATCs, Please! February 15, 2008

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lottery seriesself-portrait series

Our first project for February for the Artist Circle Yahoo group was to make 3 part ATCs – a background, a focal image, and an embellishment.

Initially, I found this project tremendously inspiring, but I’m afraid I’ve gotten in trouble by interpreting the instructions too literally. Below are my ATCs all with only 2 parts – I’m stumped on how to complete them. I’d love any ideas you can give me.

Part of my problem is being new to the whole art scene. My stash of images and embellishments is not terribly large. Most of my images are cut out from magazines, catalogs and junk mail.

I don’t even know where to begin as far as embellishments go. Most of my work thus far has been fairly flat rather than 3-D. I realize I could use another image as my embellishment, but I’d really like to break out of my box and do something really cool here.

I’m open to buying new products if I get specific recommendations for something that will give great results. I really just want to get these done so they aren’t weighing on my mind any longer. I’m really excited about our next project but feel I can’t move on until I’m finished with these. (more…)


My First ATC December 3, 2007

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There’s lots of things I love about ATCs:

  • they’re small and quick
  • you can make a one-off or a series
  • it’s a great way to try out new techniques
  • there’s no restrictions on what you’re allowed to do
  • there are no expectations on what the finished product is supposed to look like
  • you can use the finished product as part of a larger project

So it’s not surprising that one of the first things I did with my new paper trimmer was to cut up a sheet of cardstock into ATC blanks. (I used Lisa Vollrath’s tutorial on how to get 10 ATCs from one sheet of cardstock – you have to register on her site to read the article, but it’s free and well worth it.)

It’s also no surprise that when I saw the guidelines for this week’s Created By Hand Tuesday challenge, I knew I was going to make an ATC. The challenge is to make Christmas themed art using the colors burgundy and vintage browns.

I love the idea of using non-traditional Christmas colors. I think the muted look of the vintage colors is a wonderful way to evoke the spirit of the season.

Christmas ATC

My ATC was fairly simple to make. I reached for my stock of coffee-stained paper and found some text that contained words like “love,” “divine,” and “miracle” that seemed appropriate for the project. I cut out 1/2″X1/2″ squares around those words .

I then cut out squares from burgundy cardstock just slightly larger and 3/4″X3/4″ squares from coffee-stained text . I used a craft punch to make small stars from the cardstock. I made 3 layered squares – text, burgundy cardstock, text, star. I then laid them down at an angle along one side of the ATC.

I cut out a 3/4″X2 1/2″ rectangle from another text page to place along the right side of the card. I then layered a slightly smaller burgundy cardstock rectangle and a smaller blank coffee-stained paper rectangle on top of that. I used a brown marker to write the words “Christmas joy” on the inner rectangle.

I used a felt-tip marker to draw a frame around the outside 1/4″ edge of the card, and then used a fine-tip marker to draw fine lines along the outside of the right and bottom lines of the border. I really like the look this gave the card – I think it makes it look somewhat like gift wrap.

I’m really happy with what my finished card ended up looking like. I think it really comes across conveying Christmas even though I don’t use any of the traditional celebration elements in it.

I think my first ATC was a smashing success and I’m looking forward to making many more.